OOTD:Saturday Night Out!

(Blouse: USA Today 4€)

Minu eilne outfit väikeseks klubi retkeks. Tavaliselt kannan ma välja minnes kontsi, aga kuna praeguse libedaga olen ma nendel nagu lehm libedal jääl, siis otsustasin seekord minna madala saapaga. Tundsin ennast küll kahtlaselt lühikesena (kuigi ma olen 171 cm pikk), aga vähemalt jäin terveks.
Pluusi sain USA Todayst, aga tegin ise parjakas.
(Pluus: USA Today 4€, Teksad: Mango 35€, Kott: Primark 8£, Käevõru: Seppäla 2€)

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  1. I sent you this message on FB a while ago and you have not replied so I'm not sure you received it?

    Sorry for my English as I understand you speak Estonian
    I found a girl who had stolen your photographs and claimed they were her. I left a few comments on the blog as I was intrigued about hair tutorials and I soon became suspicious that this girl seemed to be reluctant to upload anything that her 'followers' asked her for. For example, videos of her hair tutorials or make up tutorials. I then quizzed her, asking if the photos were really hers as the way she was acting just seemed suspicious. She then sent me a private note explaining that the pictures were stolen and were infact not of her and she linked me up to this page of yours and told me that you were the girl she'd stolen photos of. I have seen from your public posts on here that you have your own blog, and looking through I can see that most photos taken were off of there.
    Have you ever had anything like this before? I just wanted to tell you incase this makes you want to start watermarking your photos.

    If you could, reply to my Facebook inbox as that would be easier! Hope this problem is sorted soon..